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Our physicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need urgent medical attention after office hours, please call our answering service and they will page the physician on call. If you do not hear back from one of our physicians within 15 minutes, please call to notify the answering service you have not heard back (which generally means we are in the middle of delivering a baby) and proceed to the hospital if you are experiencing an emergency.

If you are in labor, or have an emergency with respect to your pregnancy, and are greater than 32 weeks gestation, please proceed to Sibley Memorial Hospital. If you are less than 32 weeks gestation, please proceed to Georgetown University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center or George Washington Hospital. Please note that our physicians do not have privileges at hospitals outside of Sibley Hospital but will coordinate your care with the physicians on staff at any of the community hospitals.


Main Answering Service (888) 337-0309
Dr. Beckerman Answering Service (888) 737-6352
Dr. Pardo Answering Service (844) 791-2079
Dr. Sarafian Answering Service (866) 673-1284