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Patient Update: Dr. Sharon Malone

To my Wonderful Foxhall Patients:

These past few months have been trying times for all of us.   However, it has given us time to reflect on the things that matter to us most—our health, our families and all of those we hold dear.  COVID-19 has forced us to slow down a bit and to contemplate how to reinvent and to reimagine how we move about in the world.  It was in these moments of reflection that I made one of the hardest professional decisions I have ever had to make, but I know it is the right one for me.  I will be leaving Foxhall Ob/Gyn at the end of the year. What has made this decision easier for me is knowing that all of my patients will be cared for seamlessly by the excellent physicians and staff at Foxhall.

We have seen each other through some of the happiest and through some of the most difficult times, and whether I have seen you once or scores of times over the past twenty-eight years, I want you all to know how gratified I am to have been a part of your health journey.   I truly want to thank you for the trust you have placed in me.  I wish each and every one of you, and your families, good health and many blessings during the holiday season and into the New Year.

With warmest affection,

Dr. Sharon D. Malone, M.D.